Friends of the Homeless is a non-profit charity created in 1987 with the purpose of building a homeless shelter and addressing homelessness in our region.  We are located on the Virginia Peninsula in the City of Newport News between the James River, home of the first permanent English settlement in America founded in 1607 by Captain Christopher Newport, and the York River, where George Washington and friends defeated the British army in 1781 at the decisive Revolutionary War Battle of Yorktown. Our purpose is to address homelessness  in an effective and compassionate way.  Our 50-bed emergency shelter opened on September 1, 1989.  Since then, we have implemented programs for children's services, prevention of homelessness, training, employment, nutrition, healthcare, transportation, communication, counseling (financial, housing, parenting, and employment), transitional and permanent housing.  We have found working with friends and partners in our region is one of our most effective tools.  Collaboration with other non-profits, businesses, organizations, and concerned citizens has helped everyone reach higher goals than any one of us could dream of achieving alone.  We try to maintain simple, equitable, and relevant policies and programs.  This website will help you understand who we are, what we do, and the many ways you and your businesses or civic organization can profit from helping us help the homeless.

We have asked the Swami Beyondananda, the guru of nonprophets to be your tour guide through our website.

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1600 - 25th Street, Newport News, VA 23607
phone:  (757) 928-0555  email: [email protected]

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