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Privacy & Security

Friend's of the Homeless Privacy and Security Policy

The Friends of the Homeless does not share information about volunteers, residents, donors or persons making inquiries about our services without first obtaining their expressed permission.. We do not sell names, street addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, e-mail addresses or personal information to anyone.   

The Friends of the Homeless website does collect visitor logs which track webpage counts of pages  visited by visitors but does not identify which visitors are viewing which pages.   This information is used internally to maximize the content for our viewers and to ensure that popular pages are further developed and to adjust content on less frequently visited pages to make them more interesting.   At no time is the log of visits and page information ever shared with any organization or company outside of the Friends of the Homeless or its webmaster/webdesign firm.

The Friends of the Homeless may at any time offer places for visitors to signup for newsletters or website news or about website updates and will do so through a completely voluntary system of registration.   You will be able to unsubscribe at any time from the website update notification if you so choose.    The Friends of the Homeless does not sell or trade this list of email addresses with any other company or organization and the Friends of the Homeless does not spam with unsolicited emails of any kind.   Our newsletters and email update messages are by voluntary subscription only.

The Friends of the Homeless may at any time implement counters on links to our partners, both for profit and not for profit organizations, for sole purpose of tracking popularity of particular partners.   There is no identifying information in this data to track a particular visitor and like the counter data in the visitor logs, is aggregate and general data without any identifying information of the visitor tracking him/her through the sites to see what he/she is viewing.   Overall popularity of exit links for our partners may be shared with them to allow them to make decisions of working with the Friends of the Homeless, but your unique and particular individual visit information cannot and will not be made available as this data is not tracked.   Partners will be told how many visits from exit links were made during a day, week, month, etc, but they will not be told who the visitors are or have any way to contact you to solicit you for business if you click on those links.

The Friends of the Homeless may offer contact forms and interactive forms to request information or assistance.  The information contained in these forms are submitted to only authorized representatives of the Friends of the Homeless and will not be sold to other companies, organizations, or individuals.  Confidentiality of those contacting the Friends of the Homeless is important to us.   Any contact information will not be sold or traded to other organizations or companies.   Filling out any of the online, interactive forms using your name will allow us to make inquires of services on your behalf to assist you and your submission of that information authorizes us to proceed unless you request otherwise.   Submitting an inquiry for information or assistance by its nature authorizes us to contact you by either phone, fax, email, or by any mail service unless you specify otherwise.

Any interested contributor may mail or deliver a contribution directly to our office if there are any concerns about privacy or security. Any interested person or organization seeking to join the Friends of the Homeless program or utilize other Friends of the Homeless  services may fax, mail or deliver information directly to our office if there are any concerns about privacy.

If you have any question about this Privacy and Security Statement, please contact the Friends of the Homeless by clicking here

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